Friday, June 10, 2011

Jogging Your Mammaries (or Memories)

It’s been a while since I was here. And after sustaining another treadmill/bra-related injury, I started thinking… lousy underwire, chafing, brush burns, boobs, mammaries, memories… You’re with me, right? I’m so glad we think alike. (Note to self: owning more than two sports bras at a time decreases frequency of doing workout laundry and likelihood of scars ruining my future centerfolds.)

I was honored to be asked to do a guest post on Kate Evangelista’s Reads, Reviews, Recommends this week. After applying some much-needed Neosporin and a Band-Aid, I started wondering what I should write about. She said the post could be about anything – my writing process, books, etc. So, while I considered the many things I had to say on those topics, I was pleasantly surprised by my memories – not mammaries. (As long as I've had them, the latter – despite valiant efforts don’t surprise me much.)

I don’t really use my memories for writing. People have asked if my fiction is autobiographical rather than imagined. It’s not. But, I do use memories of feelings – from being in similar situations – if that applies. So, all my friends should rest assured. I won’t be telling your business to the public – unless you really do me wrong. Then watch out!

I climb inside my characters and improvise – utilizing my fine acting skills (you’d better not be laughing) plus a little empathy. (Don’t try this at home. If you do, please record it and post it on YouTube.)

Like everyone, I have memories I’d rather forget. But, I also have good ones. (See: ones that don’t make me wince or involve wardrobe malfunctions.) I’d run from the bad – like from cellulite on my treadmill – but then I probably wouldn’t be able to access the emotional depths for all the tragic, heartening and fun stuff I like to write. (Second note to self: similar to mammaries, memories don’t defy gravity. Buy a memory push-up bra – sans aforementioned underwire.)

I get to laugh at my own expense or encourage and entertain someone else when I have the courage to make myself and my characters vulnerable. When my muse runs free, she exposes something about me. (But, there’s always that stupid staple in the middle.) My sense of humor, heartbreak, hope, frustration and faith in our ability to make our lives better ask for terrycloth robes. (They’re shy, but relatively low-maintenance.) It’s a small price to pay – looking at the benefits. Instead of running away, I run to the feeling and wring it for everything I can get.

Now, if only I could find some good support – and Band-Aids that actually come in my flesh tone…

- When you’re done here, please check out my guest post on Reads, Reviews, Recommends. I had a lot of fun writing it. (And it even starts with a shower scene.) I’ll see you over there!


  1. Very funny :) and I looked over details of your first book--nice! Sounds like a fun read! Continued success to you, Rae

  2. What exactly happened on this treadmill? Poor you! I hope that you are feeling better. I totally understand when you say that you use memories of feelings to write...I hope that you will find the support you need. Muriel xx

  3. Rae - Thank you! I just stopped by your blog to check out your reviews. (I'm now following.) :)

    Muriel - It's just a flesh wound. ;) I didn't realize I was missing some skin until after the workout was over... Usually, my characters just do their thing. And I'm a witness. But, when they won't cooperate, I have to dig deeper. :) Thank you for your support. Your kind words have spurred me to write when I might have abandoned my keyboard. xx

  4. Funny post! =D
    I'm a new follower from Book Blogs.
    ~Monique @ AsianCocoa's Secret Garden

  5. Kenya, those treadmills are worse than a bear attack! I hope you're okay! I had to giggle at this blog post's title! I find myself questioning why it is that I have three or four exercise bras when I actually exercise very little! :) Let me know if you find your flesh tone bandaids. My skin is quite tanned and instead, I just use the kiddy bandaids that feature Hello Kitty! hee hee!

  6. Monique - Welcome and thank you! I just checked out one of your reviews. I'm now following you, too. :)

    Bella - I'm proud of myself for not using my treadmill as a drying rack. But, maybe I should give up on finding matching Band-Aids and just go for the fun ones -- or the clear! ;)

    For everyone who's commented over at Reads, Reviews, Recommends - Thank you! I've replied. I'm just waiting for Kate to approve my comments. If you feel inspired, keep 'em coming. I'll stop back and respond. I hope you're having a great weekend! :)

  7. When you're sleep-deprived, operating machinery is ill-advised! Oy. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Maybe you should be looking for Madonna-style pointy protective armor instead of flesh-toned Band-Aids.

    I haven't written fiction since '98 nor poetry since I was 17 (three decades ago!), so I was trying to relate to the process from a backview mirror. Then I discovered that my approach to choreography is quite similar to yours—remembering feelings and wringing them for everything I can get. Yup, storytelling manifests in many forms, but preparing to tell a story always involves memory plus imagination.

    Enjoyed your guest post, too—left a comment over there as well.

  8. Wow that's some workout! LOL Great post. I can totally relate to the chaffing that's for sure. Although I haven't been in danger lately seeing as I have not been using my treadmill, I should be encouraged or embarrassed...not sure which.

    I'm on my way to read your guest post!

  9. Scrollwork - Now, I'm picturing myself jogging in a breastplate! If those pointy cups didn't wreak havoc on my sweaters... ;D

    I've always loved music and dance. I used to write my first drafts while I listened to a specific artist. You're a woman of many insights and talents. :)

    Stacey - Thanks for stopping by! I was just checking out your blogs -- great stuff. I'm now following your book blog. But, I might wind up following all three. :) As for the treadmill, judging by my friends' equipment, they're fairly dust and laundry resistant. Then again, with a few well-placed, potted plants... you could just fit that sadistic sucker into the decor. ;D

  10. Hmm...okay, now I suddenly feel glad about looking like a ten year old boy when I'm at the gym. Sports bras? What are those? ;-)

  11. Sam, you're so adorable. You couldn't look like a ten year old boy if you tried! :D

  12. Wow Kenya! sorry for your injury but otherwise awesome post ;-)

  13. Thank you, Miss Agie! May your future workouts do no harm. :)

  14. Great post, Kenya! I loved this...

  15. Hey! How have you been? What's latest with you? I'm missing your posts! :-)

  16. Cynthia - Thank you! :)

    Sam - You're so sweet. I've got two short stories in the works plus the books. Once I clear at least one of those bad boys off my plate, I should have a lot more time to spend here. ;) I love your new site, by the way!

  17. Thanks! Good luck with the short stories! :-)

  18. Wow that's some workout! LOL Great post. I can totally relate to the chaffing that's for sure. Although I haven't been in danger lately seeing as I have not been using my treadmill, I should be encouraged or embarrassed...not sure which.thanks for sharing here..
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