Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hey, Boo Boo!

After 13 hours of sleep (yes, you read that correctly), I’m wondering if somehow my body’s started hibernating as a not-so-subtle form of protest – a work stoppage. It showed my brain who was boss without a picket sign or a union rep. My alarm went off. And, following a brief groan (perhaps a grunt?), my hand reached over and simply silenced the offender. A few moments later, I'd rolled back over – feeling more drained than guilty.

“Take that, brain,” my body boasted, having taken the reins of decision-making and given itself an extra day of paid vacation.

“But,” my brain feebly objected, “we have things to do. You can’t just lie there. I’ll fire you. Don’t think I won’t just because we’re related.” (Picture Niles vs Frasier. Despite both characters having juicy brains, I see Frasier as the body.)

(Insert maniacal body laugh here.)

This wasn’t the first time these two had gone at it. Typically, I sit on the sidelines – pompoms in hand – unsure which team to root for. I just wish they’d get it over with (or get a room). I haven’t the heart to tell them I’m not impressed – or that they share the same parents. Maybe I should've chosen a different show.

My brain usually wins the battle. “You see how you moved your leg? I told you to do that. And don’t forget it!...Wait, can bodies remember?” (Even brains have trouble thinking sometimes.)

But, every once in a while, my body triumphs. Even without a cornerman, it eventually recognizes it’s the only one in a fist fight with limbs to swing. (A little uncoordinated. But, who's counting?)

Maybe my mom was right. And I was just fighting off a cold. (I knew those sani-wipes at the grocery store didn’t really work.) My best friends/brothers/mortal enemies were only pummeling an intruder – and knew I needed to reboot. 

We all need a break at times. If we don’t choose to take one, sometimes the choice is made for us. Now, if I could just figure out where those two moved my cave… and where all these colored, hard-boiled eggs came from.


  1. When my brain is being a stubborn, my hand waves a glass of rioja in front of it to show who's the boss. Works all the time ;-)

    Happy hard boiled egg day, my friend :D

  2. Congratulations on the mini-hibernation! Sometimes it's good to let the body (and heart) take over from the brain... it often leads to discoveries and new ways of doing things that bring new rewards!

  3. 13 hours...I am jealous! I haven't had a lie-in for ages. Maybe, to keep the peace between body and brain you need to do it more often -I would if I could...

  4. Niles and Frasier! What a great analogy. My favourite TV show ever - can't think of anything else where the writing even comes close.

  5. Sam - I'll have to try that! Why reason when you can slip your brain a mickey? Happy Easter! ;D

    Isabelle - Hmm... no new ways of doing things (that I've noticed). But, I have discovered -- no matter how long you sleep -- those pillow-face wrinkles eventually disappear. No need for a sandblaster! :D

    Muriel - It only happens about once a year -- usually when I'm sick. The waves of nausea and sweating while sitting still in 65-degree weather should've tipped me off. :)

    Deborah - That was a great show. While I was listening to my brain try to motivate my body (see: whine and threaten), Niles and Frasier were the first characters to pop into my head! :D

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  6. Honestly If I were in your place I'd be pretty happy even though you're ang guess what so am I! Anyway 13 hours of sleep is great I would love to sleep that long. :-)

    Happy Easter

  7. I hope you get as many hours as you want or need, miss_agie1018. I'll take whatever I can get (and try not to complain about it -- much). ;D Happy Easter!

  8. Kenya, I have yet to feel guilty for sleeping in. Really, I think it's my right to recharge my batteries and if that means sleeping till noon some days, then so be it. However, I will say that on the days this happens, I play catch up to do all the things I have to do and this just forces me to go to bed all that much later. So if you think about it, it kind of defeats the purpose. :)

  9. Oh no! I'd been counting on those sani-wipes to insulate me.

    It's true what they say, that a mom never gets a full night's rest until the nest empties. It's also true what they never told me, that if you choose a nocturnal critter like a cat for a pet, you will never get a full night's rest. There was an overlap between the nest emptying and the cat moving in. Somehow the body manages to function on interrupted sleep anyway.

  10. Gypsyroxylee - I used to feel like the day was wasted if I slept past 10 am. I'm over that. But, would you scooch over please? (We're in the same boat.) ;) If I sleep in, I'm up till 3-6 the next morning.

    Scrollwork - Just wear gloves and never touch your mouth or eyes. ;) I'm convinced those free sani-wipes are dipped in water. (I'm taking a sample back to the lab.) I had a cat who would run around my bedroom, up my body and leap from my head at night. Then, he had the nerve to give me dirty looks when I'd poke him (for no reason, of course) during the day. :D

  11. The thing about resting and languishing is this: if you don't take a needed break intentionally, you might just end up collapsing instead.

  12. I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you, Cathy. I was too busy pulling the ice pack from my head. ;)

  13. A thousand thank-yous for the Kreativ Blogger Award! And oh, my, an ice pack; didn't I warn you about the danger of melting into a puddle at your own feet if you didn't take a break 'on purpose'?

  14. Hi Kenya -

    Awe super blog. I love it. You said, "Even without a cornerman, it eventually recognizes it’s the only one in a fist fight with limbs to swing." Totally cracked me up. I also liked where you said, "You see how you moved your leg? I told you to do that. And don’t forget it!"

    You write with humor, wit, and from your heart as well. I'm a Kenya's blog now. Thank you so much and have a nice Wednesday evening. :)

  15. Kenya, thank you so much for the award! I am truly honored and tickled pink at your kindness! I'm so glad you like my posts. I for one am delighted you visit my blog! Thank you!

  16. Cathy - It was my pleasure to bestow the honor. And I'll try to listen to sage advice more often. Letting people feel the bumps on my head lost its appeal for most audiences when I was twelve. (And I suspect they only tolerated it then.) ;)

    Charlie Nitric - Thank you so much! I just visited (and commented on) your blog -- very funny! It's nice to get the male perspective -- before I dismiss it. (Kidding!) :D Have a great night.

    Bella - Your blog is both entertaining and inspiring. I was happy to give credit where it's due. Keep up the great work! :)


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