Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Rythm

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Extra words have got to go.
If they linger, let ‘em know,
“Tough noogies. I run the show.”

It’s 3 AM as I contemplate my editing process. Jotting this down on a loose sheet of paper I swiped from my printer, I scribble – trying to reawaken my slumbering (see: lazy and spiteful) pen. How I write depends on what I’m working on – a script, a novel, poetry… a first draft, second pass, beating-my-head-against-the-wall seventeenth? Maybe somewhere in between.

The more writers I meet, the more I find it interesting how our approaches vary. But, we all somehow manage to arrive at the same place. Completion! Deletion. Adjustment. Frustration! Elation. Excitement and trepidation as we realize our masterpiece is about to be seen by outside eyes…

I can work quickly – cranking out several pages a day – or crawl at what feels like a snail’s pace, secreting a slimy trail in search of the flawless rewrite’s salt-defying phrase. “It’s perfect, I tell you!” At least until tomorrow, when my delusions wear off. (aka: “What was I thinking?”)

Well, since you asked, here’s how I rewrite my fiction:

Poetry has a powerful influence over what I write. Add infatuation with alliteration and you’re warming up to who I am by draft two.

There’s a rhythm in my head.
Almost a drumming.
The breaths between words form a song.
Dissatisfaction from anything less
would drive my brain to great distraction.
I’d write fiction in stanzas,
but you would likely call me crazy.

You might be right.

You’re not really calling me crazy, are you? Good. I feel so much better.

Welcome to my brain. It's partly cloudy with a chance of free falls. (Umbrellas and parachutes sold separately.) What's your forecast? 


  1. You will be fine. Writing is an addiction sometimes. I love the way you write, very powerful. Being a French native, reading the She Writers makes it clear that I have a long way to go. Sigh. Life is tough!

  2. Thank you for the reassurance. "I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy." ;) I love what you write, Muriel. That's the great thing about artists. Give us the exact same thing to write about and it'll come out in so many different ways.

  3. Crazy is a job requirement for writers. Why else would we like to stare at blank screens and bang our heads against them? ;-) (p.s. I happen to think your brain is awesome :D)

  4. Thank you, Sam! The feeling is definitely mutual. I'm hopping over to your blog now! (I need time to let my head heal.) ;D

  5. Ohhh Kenya........Reading your words is making my heart race to dang quickly! I like your writing style. Can I ask you (I'm going to do it anyway even if you nod your head no): Do you make yourself laugh sometimes at your own words as you read them back to yourself? I'll wager your slot machine jackpot (dream) winnings that you do!!! Cyas :)

  6. Thank you again, Charlie Nitric! (I'd recommend not reading my words while drinking 5-Hour Energy. But, that's a personal choice.) ;) To answer your question... I usually laugh when an idea first pops into my head -- before my fingers have had the chance to type it. That's how I know someone else might find it funny, too. (I hope.) :D

  7. I love what you write, Muriel. That's the great thing about artists. Give us the exact same thing to write about and it'll come out in so many different ways...Treadmill India


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